Off the beaten track group event!

sustainable & Outdoor Group event

Embark on a captivating journey of outdoor delight and adventure with Renzy's GPS audio tours. Break away from the ordinary with colleagues, friends, or family, leaving behind standard activities like bowling, paintball, and laser gaming. Elevate your experiences with a refreshing twist! Our innovative tours, conducted in eco-friendly 2-person Twizies, promise an unforgettable escapade for team outings, company retreats, group adventures, or family gatherings.

Ease into the experience, as our tours prioritize enjoyment over mere team-building exercises. Embrace the spirit of fun and companionship while going on adventures. And there's more – by choosing our tour, you not only opt for adventure and relaxation but also choose for sustainability. It's the ideal CSR outing, allowing you to enjoy the wonders of nature without harming the environment. Dive in and prepare to be amazed!

Your Pathway to Adventure
Renzy's GPS audio tours invite you to uncover the hidden gems of South Holland at your own pace and with a conscientious footprint. Discover rugged dunes and serene coastlines and enjoy the sights of picturesque polders and iconic windmills in the Groene Hart region, or wander through the Bollenstreek adorned with historical treasures, charming villages, and vibrant tulip fields. This unique experience awaits corporations, teams, departments, groups, and families, accommodating up to 24 explorers. Our dependable Twizies, a fleet of 12, take center stage – these distinctive eco-friendly vehicles are designed for two.

Driving a Twizy is an adventure in itself, a whisper-quiet ride enhanced by the vehicle's contemporary open design, giving you the feeling of true freedom.
As you journey, immerse yourself in the surroundings – feel the breeze, catch scents, and be fully in the moment while enjoying your route. Don't be surprised if you attract attention – waving becomes a delightful part of the journey!

But there's more than just driving – we've curated a selection of captivating routes, each with its own theme: Dune & Beach, Dutch Landscape, History & Castles, and Dune & Summer Flowers. Our GPS navigation system, pre-programmed with your route, will effortlessly guide you through a 3-hour tour. Meanwhile, an informative audio guide onboard the Twizy will provide you with fascinating insights about the region and its attractions. With an hour of driving time, you'll have a generous 2-hour window to pause and appreciate the unique stops along the way. In essence, Renzy's GPS audio tours merge enjoyment with education, providing a refreshingly distinctive experience.

No matter the weather, our tour is an unwavering promise of excitement! Rain won't dampen your spirits – inside our Twizies, you'll stay all cozy and dry. Along the route, you'll discover captivating stops that invite you to explore.

Craving a culinary experience before or after your tour? Indulge yourself at one of the area's trendy restaurants. With plenty of options, you'll have the chance to explore various cuisines. Don't hesitate to inquire about the possibilities!

Our GPS audio tours are available for booking from May 8 to October 31. Renzy operates from Wednesday to Sunday, offering you five days a week to embark on your adventure.

Morning: 10:00 - 13:00
Afternoon: 15:00 - 18:00

Price & duration
For a 180-minute GPS audio tour in one Renault Twizy, suitable for two individuals (either two adults or one adult and one child), the cost is €89.

Start and End
Meer en Duin 44, Lisse, The Netherlands.

What's included

  • A fully charged electric Renault Twizy, suited for two people (2 adults or 1 adult + 1 child)
  • GPS navigation with a themed route spanning approximately 30km
  • A detailed Dutch audio guide, providing insights into the area's highlights and attractions
  • The GPS audio tour lasts for 180 minutes, with a driving duration of up to 1 hour. This leaves ample time for joint breaks, close-up admiration of highlights, and photography opportunities.
  • This a private tour, you will be guided by the GPS navigation and audio guide.

What do you need to drive a Twizy

  • Drivers from 21 years old and in possession of a valid driving license for a minimum of 3 years/li>
  • Present a valid driving license B and complete a participation form, including personal details, license number, and signature
  • Provide a deposit of €150 per Twizy during check-in, payable via PIN, credit card, or cash (with PIN return option)
  • The Twizies are covered by WA Allrisk insurance, including passenger coverage. The insurance policy is available for review at the issue desk.
  • When you cause damage to the Twizy accessories or third-parties, a €500 excess applies per claim.
  • Please note that Renzy's GPS tours are not suitable for individuals with limited mobility or back issues.
  • The consumption of alcohol and (soft) drugs is strictly prohibited during the tour.
  • Enjoy flexibility with a free cancellation policy up to 14 days before the tour start. Reach out via email to or through WhatsApp at 06 523 730 71
  • To review all of Renzy's terms and conditions, as well as the cancellation policy, kindly click here


  • Start and end point for all GPS Audio Tours: Meer en Duin 36 in Lisse
  • Please ensure your presence at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your GPS audio tour. This time is allocated for check-in, deposit payment, and receiving comprehensive instructions from our staff
  • Each time slot accommodates a maximum of 24 participants (12 Twizies, suitable for 2 adults per vehicle)
  • The allocated start and end times for each time slot remain fixed due to the intermittent vehicle charging process
  • Advance arrangement of Twizy pairings is required. Throughout the tour, you are solely permitted to operate the Twizy corresponding to your designated number from check-in. Riding along with another Twizy in your group is only possible as a passenger, not as the driver
  • Operating with automatic transmission, the Twizy is remarkably user-friendly and navigates like a regular car on standard roads
  • The Twizies are meticulously maintained, minimizing the likelihood of malfunctions. In the rare event of any issue, a Renzy staff member will swiftly respond to your report and provide on-site assistance
  • Tours strictly adhere to inland roads with maximum speeds of 30 or 60 km per hour. Highways and provincial routes are avoided during the tour
  • Renzy's pre-programmed tour routes extend up to 30 km, guided effortlessly by GPS navigation. In case of deviations, the GPS system will promptly guide you back to the correct path
  • With a battery range of 60 km, the chances of a participant encountering an empty battery and being stranded are extremely low. Should such a scenario arise during a tour, a Renzy team member will be available nearby to recharge the battery.
  • We recommend dressing in warm, layered clothing. During the period from late March to early May, temperatures can vary between 5 to 20+ degrees Celsius. Be mindful, as the open Twizy may feel cool, particularly for rear-seat passengers.
  • Rain or sunshine, the tour always operates. Side windows can be fitted to the Twizy for added comfort
  • Child seats and boosters are available for children aged 1 to 12 years old
  • Small dogs (up to 10 kg) are welcome on the tour
  • For bookings exceeding 8 Twizies (>16 people), kindly get in touch with us at hello@renzy.nlor call 0652373071
  • Provision of an option for your preferred date and time slot is feasible. It's important to note that this option expires 2 weeks prior to the tour date
  • Groups reserving more than 8 vehicles will be divided into 2 for a more enjoyable driving experience. Participants will regroup at a mutually agreed-upon stop during the tour
  • All prices listed are inclusive of 21% VAT
  • The booking, along with the payment link, must be settled no later than 14 days before the scheduled tour date

Get in and enjoy with colleagues or family!

How to get here

Renzy is located in Lisse and only 750 meters from the Keukenhof entrance. We are easily accessible by car or public transport.

By car By public transport
  • Amsterdam Central Station – Take the train to Schiphol Airport Station. From there take the bus number 361 to Noordwijk, departure on platform B2. Get off at bus stop ‘De Nachtegaal’. Renzy is a 2 minute walk away. Total travelling time is aprox. 50 minutes and a return ticket is about €18,- per person. Click here for the timetable

  • Schiphol Airport Station - Take the bus (Arriva Qliner) number 361 to Noordwijk, departure on platform B2. Get off at bus stop ‘De Nachtegaal’. Renzy is a 2 minute walk away. Total travelling time is aprox. 30 minutes and a return ticket is about €10,- per person. Click here for the timetable

  • Leiden Central Station - Take the bus number 50 to Haarlem. Get off at bus stop ‘De Nachtegaal’. Renzy is a 2 minute walk away. Total travelling time is aprox. 40 minutes and a return ticket is about €7,- per person. Click here for the timetable

  • Haarlem Central Station - Take the bus number 50 to Leiden Central Station. Get off at bus stop ‘De Nachtegaal’. Renzy is a 2 minute walk away. Total travelling time is aprox. 45 minutes and a return ticket is about €7,- per person. Click here for the timetable

  • Noordwijk – bus stop ‘Vuurtorenplein’ - Take the bus number 90 to Lisse. Get off at bus stop ‘De Nachtegaal’. Renzy is a 2 minute walk away. Total travelling time is aprox. 45 minutes and a return ticket is about €8,- per person. Click here for the timetable

An unforgettable company event!
"What a fantastic company outing we had! We followed a super fun route with lots of interesting sights, and the onboard audio guide made it extra fascinating. Along the way we made a nice stop along the beach at Wit Sand. This was a really successful day and we are already looking forward to the next outing at Renzy!"
Aniek ten Hoog, Procter & Gamble

Why choose us

Renzy offers a unique customer experience to discover and experience the Dutch landscape & small historical cities in the region of South-Holland in a 100% electric Renault Twizy. All of our Twizies have a GPS Guide with detailed maps on board that guide our users along the route. The audio guide tour tells all ins and outs about the area and shares cool facts. So what are you waiting for, ride with us and join the fun!